Why choose Spanish and traditional clothing?

 As a mum of two girls I have always enjoyed shopping for beautiful girls clothing. Of all the clothing I ever bought there is only a small number that I couldn't part with once they had outgrown them. These outfits were the ones I bought from small traditional baby clothing shops. The shops where there were pretty pink smocking and beautiful boots with ribbons. They are timeless and I know that when in twenty years time my own children choose to have babies I will be able to pass them down with the knowledge that they will be just as beautiful then as they are now.

There are many times I have taken my children out for the day bumping into other children wearing the same dress/leggings as mine. They have been chosen from large businesses and manufactured in their thousands. And although nice they do not have the same unique qualities that Spanish clothing, bought from small businesses, can offer.

As a small business we do not have endless pots of money to choose huge varieties of clothing but what we can do is ensure that every single item of clothing we choose to stock is beautiful, timeless and chosen with love. We choose wisely in the hope that one day the clothing you pass on to your own grandchildren was carefully selected by Pink Flamingo Childrenswear.



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